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Donate for a Cause connects nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country in the world. We help fellow nonprofits access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to serve their communities.

It depends on what difference you’d like to see in the world and how you’d like to support the people making that difference.

What really bothers you? Environmental issues? Poor access to education? Children’s health? Human rights violations? Treatment of seniors? Mental healthcare? Women’s rights? Threat to heritage or cultural services and venues?

And at what level? Does it matter more for you to fix things in your local area, where you can see the need and progress made yourself, or will you focus on national or international issues?

That might help you find an organisation working in that area. There are many to choose from, and taking many different approaches.

Secondly, how would you like to support the good cause? Money or time? Do you want to give money regularly (that truly helps nonprofits budget ahead) or just occasionally? Or do you want to just pay occasionally e.g. for performances by a nonprofit theatre group? Or an end of year gift?

Do you have a skill you’d like to volunteer? Most good causes I know of only achieve what they do because of a lot of volunteers giving their time and expertise.

If you can’t choose just one, don’t worry. Plenty of people support several good causes, sometimes in different ways. These can change depending on what stage of life you’re at.

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