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Society for Scientific Advancement and Transformation.
Created by Thiruguru on 23-05-2015 in California.
The main purpose of the creation of this organization.
Help wipe out the misery of the Tamil community all over the world and lay the foundation for their prosperous lives and help them with their livelihood, medicine and education.
The main objective of the organization is to work for the betterment of humanity, respecting only human rights, absolutely respecting law and democracy, without discrimination on the basis of caste, religion or ethnicity, without any caste discrimination and without giving priority to political activities
The Institute of Scientific and Social Development will always give priority to humanity and the right to life.
SCSDO is helping to strengthen livelihoods by providing assistance to those affected by war, natural disasters and economic losses in the world.
The Scientific Change Community Development Institute will identify students from economics backgrounds, train them in all fields and strive for higher education.
SCSDO strives to develop students’ talents, especially in the fields of pharmacy, sports, music, and Cinema.
Acting beyond national, caste, religious, ethnic and political differences applies not only to the overall policy but also to the co-operating members of the organization
Admission and dismissal of members shall be in accordance with the policies laid down by the organization under all laws in force.
The receipt and release of financial assistance will be subject to the policies of the organization.
Everything will be documented by the organization
Financial aid will be kept confidential or published on organization-owned websites and media if the recipient wishes to expose himself.
All the above decisions will be decided by the Executive Committee.
Administrative Framework:
All executives should strive for love and compassion regardless of country, caste, religion, ethnicity or political affiliation
There is no alternative view that everyone should be given equal rights despite being given different responsibilities.

Chairman: Thiru Guru

Secretary: Thiyagalingam Pavikaran
Executive Project Advisor: A. Karthikeyan
Project Executive Committee Members:
Yazhini – N
Adira – V
Technical Committee Members:
Akash -S

All projects by the Society for Scientific Advancement and Transformation will be implemented on the advice of the above committee.

Society for Scientific Advancement and Transformation.


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